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Wherever you are or whatever you operate, a playground, cinemas or other venues for entertainment, our claw machine franchise can provide Clawcade® branded machines with quality imported merchandise for your machine at discounted prices, making us one of the most affordable, highest return claw machine business in New Zealand. Our claw machine will meet your specific need whether small, medium or large. Custom branded with our Clawcade® logo, identifying it as a high quality, value for money prize machine.

A tried and tested 50 Square Meters, will facilitate 15 claw machines which "should" generate $1500.00 nett profit per month. Un-attended, and un-manned. We have had a test site in operational, in a low population area,  for 12 months and we have proved that this concept offers incredible high return for low cost entry.. 

Fill your machines once week and enjoy a passive income through our Clawcade® concept francise model that is tried and tested.

Ideal for small shopping centers! 

Plush toys are no longer available through the usual supplier in NZ due to changes to their license agreement, therefore we have sourced high quality products direct from USA and China, at excellent prices, to supply our franchisee's exclusively.

Stocks are on there way and will arrive in the coming weeks (Mid December 2021)

It is FREE to join our customer base with ZERO monthly fees. Every claw machine purchased, gives you the opportunity to buy from our catalog of plush toys that are high quality and provide maximum profit for your machines.

 The more you buy, the more discount you receive on fillers.  We do not supply to the general public. This catalog is only available to our customers that we refer to as "franchisee's"  

We have more than 120 Paokai  machines to choose from, with more stock arriving. 


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